Whiter Smile Guarantee

Whiter Smile Guaranteed!

At Charblanco, we have absolute confidence in our activated charcoal teeth whitening powder. After all, it’s what we use ourselves!

Most people can see a differance after one use but If, after 15 days of using Charblanco, your teeth haven’t become any whiter, just send us picture proof and we’ll be happy to fully refund your money!

Follow the below instructions:

1. Prior to using our products, take a clear photo of your teeth

2. Use Charblanco as instructed

3. Take a clear photo upon completing use of product after 15 days

4. Email info@charblanco.com with both photos attached, order #, and customer information

5. We will review your claim

6. Once validated, send back your product

7. Reimbursement will be arranged upon receiving returned items in our warehouse