Our Story

Nine times out of ten, the inspiration behind a great or innovative idea comes in the form of a problem in need of a solution - and that was the case with Charblanco, too.   Everyone wants a bright white, dazzlingly perfect smile - that’s no secret.   Time and time again, however, we watched people spend tons of time and money on expensive dental procedures and chemical products of dubious safety, with results that were more often than not less satisfactory.

The need for a natural, safe, and affordable teeth whitening system - and one that actually worked, at that! - was becoming more apparent with each passing day. So we decided to take things into our own hands, and Charblanco was born!

We’re a modern, Eugene, Oregon based company with a singular goal in mind: we aim to provide our customers with a chance to finally get the pearly white smiles they always wanted!   What really sets us so far apart than every teeth whitening system product company, however, is our adherence to quality, safety, and high production values.   We firmly believe that when it comes to your health and well being, there is no room for cutting corners.   Instead of using abrasive chemical formulas full of bleach, chlorine, and fillers, or using imported activated charcoal of questionable quality and ingredients, we decided to go the whole nine yards and create our own 100% natural, 100% safe high quality product.

Our teeth whitening powder is made exclusively in the US, with nothing but the finest quality ultra-fine milled activated coconut charcoal powder, enriched with herbal and organic ingredients, and made in FDA-certified laboratory.  That’s the only way we can be certain that our products will meet your high standards and expectations.

After all, it’s your happy smiles that keep us in business!