What ingredients is your powder made from?

Our product contains 5 Natural Ingredients
-Organic Coconut Activated Charcoal
-Sodium Bicarbonate
-Mint Leaf
-Coconut Oil
-Orange Seed Oil

What is activated charcoal?

Activated charcoal is actually nothing new and was used in many ancient medicine techniques in cultures all across the globe. It’s made from multiple sources(we use organic coconut shells) – which are then ground up to create a very fine, black powder.

It’s then “activated” by processing it at super high temperatures, which changes its internal structure to increase its surface area while reducing the size of its pores to make charcoal that’s more porous than traditional charcoal. Once it’s been activated by heat its able to be used to pull stains off your teeth with its millions of small pores.

Using activated charcoal is beneficial for those who want to whiten their teeth naturally! Instead of using other whitening kits that use toxins and bleach, charcoal teeth whitening provides the same results with natural ingredients.

Our product is 100% vegan, Non-gmo, and not tested on animals.

Why chose Charblanco vs other brands?

We've spent the time researching and developing a specialty formulated powder that's been proven to work. Our powder is made in a FDA approved laboratory, located in USA. We use finely milled organic activated coconut charcoal along with all natural ingredients. Beware of other companies selling Chinese imported powders. These products are purchased from wholesalers such as Alibaba for as low as $0.40 a jar. These companies will throw any label on there with whatever types of markings you want.  Do you think these companies are using organic & natural ingredients for $0.40 a jar?  THINK AGAIN. These products are not always what the label says they are and can be filled with fillers, heavy metals, or cheap sourced charcoal that can damage your gums.  Our product is EXACTLY what we say it is.

How do I use it?
  • Gently twist open your Charblanco jar.
  • Dampen tooth brush.
  • Start brushing! It will be a little bit “powdery” at the beginning, but your saliva will soon take over and spread the powder everywhere. 
  • Gently brush for 2 to 3 minutes. Spit periodically into your cup, rather than sink. This will make clean up easier!
  • Rinse your mouth well with water. Be sure to brush your tongue too for an extra clean!
  • Dump your spit cup into the toilet and flush.
  • Clean any excess powder residue on your sink.
Is this safe for sensitive teeth?

Absolutely, our finely milled powder is safe on sensitive teeth.

Can I use Charblanco with braces on?

You may but it is not recommended, as the areas surrounding your braces will be whiter then the areas your braces used to be once you get them removed.

Help, I accidentally swallowed it.

Charblanco is a natural binder capturing impurities and toxins found in your teeth and also in your body, so don't worry! If accidentally swallowed, it will not cause any harm.

Is this safe to use while pregnant?

We only use natural and organic ingredients in our products, making it suitable for anyone to use without any ill-effects.

Do I still need to brush my teeth?

You should still continue to follow your regular brushing/flossing routine.

How long does the bottle last?

1 Jar could last 1-3 months depending on usage.

Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide!  Our products ship sout of San Francisco, California. Beware of other companies who drop ship there product from China which take weeks up to months to receive your products. Our headquarters are based in Edmonton, Alberta.

How long does shipping take?

Charblanco ships out of San Francisco. We ship orders the same days long as they are ordered before noon! That means we can deliver anywhere in the continental US within 2-3 days, Canada 4-8 days, International (see estimate delivery times at checkout) All of our packages are tracked so you will know exactly where they are during there journey. 

Do you wholesale?

Charblanco is available worldwide at wholesale prices. If you're interested please email us at info@charblanco.com. Minimum order required.

We do the very best to give you the best prices possible! To help us out a little, please include the quantity you require, name and contact information within the email. 

Can I promote your product?

We love working with influencers & bloggers, they are the back bone of our company!

For being a blogger or influencer for Charblanco, you receive free product, generous discount codes, a unique discount code for you to share with your followers. Also your content will be seen all around the world through our social media platforms and advertisements. We also do paid collaborations!

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, visit our Contact page. Please provide links to your social media platforms or blogs. Thanks