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Why You Should Never Buy Imported Activated Charcoal Toothpaste Powder

Lahib Desha



With so many activated charcoal teeth whitening options on the market, it can be hard deciding which one is best for you! Before you choose the one that’s the cheapest, it’s best if you consider one important fact: where it’s made? Don’t think that all charcoal teeth whitening powder is created equal because it’s not. Many times, companies import their product from places like China and overseas, slap their own label on them and then sell them to the public. The problem with this is that you don’t know what you’re getting! The product can still be activated charcoal powder that claims it will whiten your teeth, but the reality is it could also be made using tons of harmful chemicals, toxins and additives that are harmful to your health. Many times, these imported powders from China include things like heavy metals, fillers or cheap sourced charcoal that could damage your gums and teeth.

Buying imported products from overseas might result in cheaper prices that seem good on the surface, but they also have tons of hidden dangers. These products are made using shoddy health standards, which is why anything can be used to make it. People often want to use activated charcoal toothpaste because of the fact that it’s a natural substitute for chemical-based whitening kits, so it’s important to know where it’s made if you truly want a natural, safer solution.

That’s why many love the fact that Charblanco charcoal teeth whitening powder is proudly made in the USA. The fact that it’s made using all-natural ingredients like coconut oil, orange seed oil, mint leaf, sodium bicarbonate and organic activated charcoal appeals to those looking for a 100% all-natural whitening solution for their teeth. It truly has no additives or fillers, as many imported powders contain.

We have spent lots of time perfecting our formula through research in a FDA-approved lab in the USA, and didn’t start selling it until it was just right! So what you see on the label in terms of ingredients for Charblanco, that’s exactly what you get in each jar of their charcoal teeth whitening powder! 



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