Top Reasons Why Many Companies Are Now Using Charcoal In Their Products

Top Reasons Why Many Companies Are Now Using Charcoal In Their Products

People are now looking for more natural products that are free of harmful chemicals, ingredients and additives, which is why many companies are opting to use activated charcoal in their products. Actually, activated charcoal has been part of natural medicine for centuries and is currently making a huge comeback for its natural benefits. 

Activated charcoal is not the same thing as regular charcoal you use for BBQs in your grill. The difference is that activated charcoal is a combination of substances like wood, coal, bamboo or coconut shells that has been burned without any oxygen to create the charcoal. Then it’s heated at very high temperatures and exposed to various gasses via a process that makes it porous, thus the “activation” part of the entire process. Once it has been activated, its molecules can bind to any substance, which is what makes it so powerful and useful in a variety of products. Here are a few reasons why many companies are now using activated charcoal in many of their products:

  • Removes bacteria, chemicals and dirt

Many beauty companies are now using activated charcoal in their products because it can remove bacteria, chemicals and dirt, which helps thoroughly cleanse the skin. It’s used in many acne products and can even be used to treat body odour and help with the itchiness from insect bites, poison oak or poison ivy. 


  • Cleanses the digestive system

Those looking for a healthy way to clean their digestive system should look for products that use activated charcoal to remove toxins in the digestive tract, helping with immune system function and digestion. 


  • Home cleaners

With so many chemicals used in home cleaners, many want natural solutions that aren’t as bad for their family. Activated charcoal is great at killing mold, which can be toxic to households. 


  • Whitening capabilities 

Since it can absorb things really well, it’s a great natural whitener that can also promote good oral heath. It works by absorbing plaque and other small microscopic things that stain teeth. 

Charblanco is one such company that uses activated charcoal to whiten teeth using all-natural ingredients that will benefit your oral health!