Drake Loves Activate Charcoal

There are many benefits to adding activated charcoal teeth powder to your daily routine. Activated charcoal is used in all kinds of health and beauty products. Activated charcoal powder has become so popular that even Drake uses it.

In a recent post on Instagram, Drake shared a photo of himself smiling at a party. One commenter (@jaydaddydollars) unnecessarily felt the need to write, “Lmao All that money and ur teeth don’t look clean." Drake was quick to clap back — according to Refinery29, he responded, “I have a pink diamond in my tooth…I brush with activated charcoal before any club night where I will see baddies know dattttttttttt."

Now that we know which ingredients Drake deems worthy of his diamond-studded smile, we have to say he's on the right track. Charcoal has been picking up a ton of praise online for its highly absorbent properties. So consider taking a cue from Drake and introducing it to your dental routine.

Drake loves using activated charcoal teeth whitening powder