Are You Just Paying For Charcoal?

Are You Just Paying For Charcoal?

You are most likely aware how everyone is choosing to whiten their teeth with activated charcoal products – a natural solution for teeth whitening. Unlike other products on the market, activated charcoal doesn’t use any chemicals or additives that could harm your teeth and health, which is why it’s trending at the moment. But it’s nothing new; charcoal has been used for medical purposes since ancient times, when ancient cultures would us it for things like removing parasites from the body, reducing high cholesterol and to eliminate by breath. Today, many use it for the same reasons, including reducing or eliminating gas, treating alcohol poisoning and whitening teeth. 

But with so many activated charcoal powders available these days, are you just paying for charcoal and not getting the real benefits. Many companies try to capitalize on the latest trends, selling you simply activated charcoal in a jar for exorbitant amounts of money, claiming that it’s organic and mixed with other beneficial natural ingredients when it’s really not. Basically, you’re shelling out tons of money for something that isn’t even what it’s claimed to be, providing you less than average results for all that money you paid for. 

But that’s not the case when you purchase activated charcoal powder to whiten your teeth by Charblanco! Packed with five essential ingredients and created in a FDA-approved laboratory in the United States, you get everything you pay for in each bottle of Charblanco. As the primary organic charcoal whitening system, you get nothing but all-natural ingredients!

The main ingredient is the organic activated charcoal, which is ultra fine milled activated charcoal that will pull off any stains from your teeth with continuous use. Sodium bicarbonate is also used to remove any discoloration from your teeth so that the results are nothing but whiter teeth! Mint leaf helps fight bacteria growth and prevent infection, while also promoting healthy gums and fresh breath. Finally, orange seed oil is added to enhance the formula’s natural teeth whitening abilities and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent with antiseptic qualities. 

So there you have it…the exact all-natural ingredients that make Charblanco the best organic activated charcoal teeth whitening formula online!